Shipping Policy


  • The prices on the site include shipping unless otherwise indicated.
  • A valid address must be provided; additional costs for non-localized locations are the responsibility of the customer.
  • If the package arrives damaged, it must be noted when signing for delivery, otherwise, it is considered accepted. If you suspect that something is missing or the package does not match your purchase, do not receive it and report it immediately.
  • You have 24 hours to report damaged or missing items; after this period, no changes or claims will be accepted.

Delivery area

  • We offer national and international shipping through DHL and UPS.
  • Delivery times depend on the conditions of the courier services, weather, and risk zones.
  • We do not accept orders with incomplete addresses or special agreements with other courier services.

Shipping options

  • Basic: delivery in 2-3 business days.
  • Express: delivery in 1-2 business days.
  • Personal Deliveries: available only within the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara.

Delivery time

  • The delivery time starts after confirming payment and varies according to the type of shipping.
  • An estimated delivery time will be provided at the end of your order, and we will confirm it with the customer, including tracking details.
  • For custom pieces, the delivery time varies based on the complexity of crafting the piece. In case of potential delays or irregularities in the manufacturing process, we will notify you and provide alternative options. BRAGGAO reserves the right to postpone production and delivery time as its capabilities allow.
  • In order to reduce our carbon footprint for orders and/or shipments with multiple custom products, they will be shipped together until all pieces are manufactured unless you request separate shipments in advance.

Delivery points in Guadalajara

  • Our store: Ave. República 17 int. 1133, San Juan de Dios, inside Centro Joyero Calzada, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Sao Paulo Point: Ave. de las Américas 1545, Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • Andares Shopping Center: Blvd. Puerta de Hierro 4965, Puerta de Hierro, Zapopan, Jalisco.
  • Plaza Galerías Guadalajara: Ave. Rafael Sanzio 150, Camichines Vallarta, Zapopan, Jalisco.

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