The expression “one nail pulls out another” is used when you find someone who makes you forget about your ex. (A necessary evil) In this case, the phrase literally reminds us of a nail, the Cartier Nail Hoop, which comes to replace the trend of earrings with a complete circumference.

We will see this Cartier Nail Hoop starting next year as a reference in both men’s and women’s fashion, for both the young and adults. Despite being a simple piece of jewelry, it is refined and resonates with sophisticated individuals.

Everyday objects have always been a source of inspiration for creating jewelry: animals, art, common items, characters, among many others. In this case, the simplest object, “the nail,” becomes the new symbol of luxury in cities like New York, Dubai, and London.

You will see it in various presentations, including 14-karat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, sometimes with embedded diamonds.

Due to its simplicity yet sophistication, you can wear it at a wedding, in your daily life, and for any work or romantic occasion. Forget about your ex because now you know that “one nail pulls out another” #IAmBraggao.