It was a long-awaited day for Christian Nodal. He was about to receive one of the most iconic and extravagant pieces of jewelry from his collection. For days, he had been eager to get a glimpse of the chain, contributing only a few ideas to its conception to keep it a surprise.

Nodal’s Braggao collection already featured some personalized pieces, such as cross earrings, a Cartier watch with mounted diamonds, and a custom ring he had received as a gift. However, what he was about to receive was truly extraordinary.

This masterpiece represents a collaboration between Nodal’s ideas and Braggao, serving as an authentic artistic testament. With over 500 grams of white gold and natural diamonds, each pendant on the chain boasts a unique and special design. It contains skulls, crosses, symbols, ornaments, and colors that reflect Nodal’s tastes, along with a level of detail that only he treasures.

The piece was conceived to be mesmerizing and bold, a testament to Nodal’s passion for his Sonoran roots and Braggao’s meticulous craftsmanship in each of its pieces. Its creation was an exciting challenge for the team. In close collaboration with Nodal and his team, the jewelry designers and master craftsmen dedicated countless hours to studying every detail. From the size, weight, and shape of each pendant to the precise placement of twin heart-cut diamonds in the eyes of each central skull, and the sparkle of rubies and African tsavorites. Precision work was undertaken to ensure that the final product would be a true work of art.

For Nodal, this piece not only represents the most stunning piece of jewelry he has commissioned but also a collaboration with his “brother Antonio,” who, like him, began his journey just a few years ago and now works with a top-notch team, serving an audience that values the highest international standards of quality.

This chain symbolizes friendship, the power of collaboration, and the celebration of everything that binds people together: love, passion, and the pursuit of excellence.

Braggao has forged a strong reputation as one of the leading custom jewelry brands. We unite customer ideas with those of expert jewelers at every stage of the process. Therefore, customers identify so deeply with each Braggao piece, making the brand special and unique, from its commitment to excellence to its passion for storytelling.