February is coming, and the most anticipated date is approaching for all lovers. It is used to give details to the people you love the most, and it is also a day to celebrate the friendship between your closest people.

There are different versions of the origin of this celebration, but the most well-known dates back to Rome in the 3rd century when the emperor prohibited marriages so that men would enlist in the army and be available as soldiers to go to war.

As you might suppose, there were many people who did not accept this prohibition. Therefore, a priest named Valentine dedicated himself to secretly marrying lovers to fulfill their dreams of love. Over time, the profession of this priest was discovered, and the emperor sentenced him to death on February 14. As the years passed, in 1948, a journalist wrote an article proposing an initiative to boost sales in February, and from there, the festivity originated in our present day.

Here we leave you some ideal pieces to give to your lover:





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