Diamond is the quintessential gemstone, the most resilient, and Braggao specializes in diamond jewelry, as it symbolizes strength and perfection. Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and meets all requirements.

The formation of diamonds showcases tenacity and superiority against any element, as they are created at a depth of 150km to 200km below the Earth’s surface, where the right pressure and heat transform carbon into diamonds. These extraordinary conditions contribute to the value of diamonds.

Once in the hands of humans, diamonds are assessed based on four qualities that determine their greater or lesser value: the cut, which is determined by how they interact with light; clarity, measuring the purity and uniqueness of the gem; color, indicating the inherent natural tone; and carats, denoting the weight of a diamond. Braggao ensures the selection of the clearest and purest pieces, with a cut tailored to specialized design.

For Braggao, the story of diamonds revolves around the union of humans and nature, working together to create a masterpiece that symbolizes the strength, superiority, and perfection of diamonds over any other gemstone.