It is believed that the way you start a year is the same way you will end it, and there are all kinds of superstitions, such as throwing a gold ring into the champagne glass to attract wealth, wearing red underwear for love, or wearing something new.

All of this fuels the New Year fever, where we understand that time passes quickly, increasing the ambition to improve, and to achieve everything you set out to do, determining that this will be the best year of your life because you won’t allow yourself to settle for anything less.

That’s why, at BRAGGAO, we offer you what you deserve: high-quality jewelry pieces to live a year full of luxury. Our collection features exclusive designs, special fabrications where you create the design, and the latest trends.

Chains with large links are the most prominent trend for 2020. Whether plain or adorned with a significant number of stones, they can be layered with multiple thinner chains and paired with a pendant hanging from them. This trend is dominating the artistic world and appealing to jewelry enthusiasts.