In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is one of the major traditions celebrated in the year, taking place on November 1st and 2nd. On these two dates, the living prepare for the arrival of their deceased relatives to spend time with them.

Its origins date back to before the conquest, when death was seen by the people of that time as the beginning of a journey to the realm of the dead called Mictlán. With the arrival of the Spanish, the tradition underwent a mix and included Catholic meanings such as the cross of flowers.

Braggao, being a proudly Mexican company, has for you the following collection of ideal pieces to celebrate this festival.

Cameos are perfect for holding a photograph of your deceased loved one. It is very common to place portraits of beloved people who are no longer with us.

The “calaveritas” (little skulls) are a very common symbol on this date. In ancient times, real skulls were used. Over time, they were replaced with skulls made of sugar, chocolate, or amaranth.

Crosses are the main symbol on this date and can be made of flowers, wood and candles.

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