Fashion is a moving art, and at Braggao, we communicate unique tastes and lifestyles—bold, daring, and challenging. Accessories play an essential part in the new autumn-winter season to enhance our attire with elegance and respect.

The latest trends lean towards extra-large, extravagant, and creative charms combined with a solitary chain or two overlaid in different sizes, creating a visual impact with their proportions.

Among high-end chains, the 45 cm Cuban link chain with diamonds or zirconias takes the lead in personalized orders, making an unparalleled impact among jewelry enthusiasts and gaining unmatched popularity.

In the creation of personalized pieces, the trend is to combine two colors of gold in one piece and use black diamonds, adding an exotic and exclusive touch that turns a classic design into a unique piece.

Finally, ring sets worn on one or both hands and placing jewelry on different fingers, such as the pinky finger, continue to make an impact and set trends since their appearance in European fashion.

Extra-large charms, 45 cm Cuban link chains, personalized pieces with a combination of gold colors, wearing multiple rings simultaneously, and creating a specific one for the pinky finger are the new lifestyle trends in autumn-winter jewelry.