As a tattoo can mean everything or simply be a mark you carry all the time, a charm can hold a strong significance for the person wearing it or simply be a stylish accessory for the occasion.

Charms are a powerful addition to accentuate the chain that holds them. They are pieces of significant quality, crafted entirely from gold with Swiss diamonds or zirconia, depending on your preference. Because nothing you wear is accidental; it reveals many traits of your personality.

That’s why at Braggao, we specialize in offering you the greatest diversity of styles and models in charms and chains. We even cater to the most eccentric tastes by creating exclusive designs. You get to choose the gold color (yellow, white, black, rose), thickness, hollow or solid, length, and in the case of the chain, the weave.

Chains are named after the type of weave that forms them. The most popular ones include:

barbada, Byzantine, beads, Cartier, Cuban, bike link, diamond link, cubic spike, circular spike, Fígaro, spring, Gucci, sailor, tennis, and Versace.

Chains and charms are the complement that you should never be without, as they are versatile for all styles of clothing and occasions. They embody elegance and power with a touch of personality.

Braggao offers a wide variety of charms and chains to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.