The Day of the Dead is approaching, along with its protagonists: the catrinas, skulls, or the “pan de muerto,” which now even inspire the design of luxury jewelry.

One of the Mexican traditions with the most global recognition is the Day of the Dead.

Hublot seized the joy of this traditional celebration and brought to life the “Big Bang Calaveras,” a watch that celebrates the design and eccentric values of Mexican culture.

The “Big Bang Calaveras” was launched during the SIAR 2017 and comes in three versions where the figure of an engraved skull travels across the watch from the dial to the bezel. Each skull is accompanied by carved floral details, aiming to evoke Mexican embroidery and the cultural spirit behind this date.

Breathing life into the three “Big Bang Calaveras” models is an automatic movement with the HUB1401 caliber, housed in a 44mm case, available in different materials: 30 pieces in black ceramic, 20 in stainless steel, and 10 in 18-karat red gold, totaling 60 limited edition pieces.

At Braggao, you can find the No. 2 watch out of the 20 existing in the world.

The Day of the Dead has inspired designers worldwide for years, and Braggao is no exception. We have created a collection of charms and bracelets inspired by this traditional celebration.

Similarly, we fulfill our customers’ inspiration in this tradition by creating their personalized pieces.

“Wearing a representation of a skull means being aware that death is part of life and that we must make the most of every moment we have; moreover, Mexicans interpret it as a message of hope, of continuity. At Hublot, we love the festive and positive approach to the Day of the Dead.”