The month has arrived when we all feel more Mexican than ever, where dressing in green, white, and red becomes almost a rule, where we begin to see every place adorned with flags and national symbols. It’s also the opportunity to indulge without guilt in all the delights of our Mexican cuisine.
In Mexico, it is very common to take a short trip during the patriotic long weekend, especially in many places, especially in small towns, where the national holidays are celebrated with grand events featuring music, drinks, and lots of food. That’s why your outfits for those days should not be left behind, and what better way to elevate your look than with a piece of jewelry?
Here are some pieces that can help you look like a true MEXICAN!
The eagle is the most representative symbol since it is found on our flag.

Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country, and it’s important to remember that the first flag used to declare independence featured the image of the Virgin Mary. So, these charms could be very fitting for the occasion.

Mexico is a country with undeniable richness in many aspects, and there are also many individuals who elevate the name of Mexico in other countries, winning competitions or participating in significant projects. With these charms, you can convey the pride of being Mexican.

You can also choose to use letter charms and with them form a word that reflects what it means to be Mexican.