When choosing your outfit, it’s always good to complement it with a nice piece of jewelry, and one of the most common accessories to match are chains. Sometimes they can be very thick or very thin, depending on personal taste.

Something important to know is that their use dates back to the Stone Age when materials like plants, bones, or stones were used to make necklaces. Over time, the materials for their production changed and were combined to become what we know today.

There are different types of chains, and it’s important to clarify that each weave is different and is given a name based on the place where they were created their shape, or the name of the person who created them.

Below, we will show you the name and meaning of each one:


It’s called this way because it originated from Cuban citizens who started wearing them in Miami. This style was very famous during the hip-hop era in the late seventies and mid-eighties. They tend to be very flashy, heavy chains, and above all, very expensive.


Its meaning is derived from the common use of a cord, rope, cable, or thin string made or crafted from silk and with several twisted strands, threads, or filaments, used in the garment and textile industry for sewing and embroidery. The chain has the shape of several twisted threads folded over each other.


Its origin comes from the Byzantine Empire, which was from the 4th century A.D. until the year 1400. The chain has its links interwoven in different directions.


It is a chain formed with an alternating pattern of flattened links of different sizes. Its origin is Italian, and its name is associated with a character from the opera “The Marriage of Figaro.


Its name is given by the artisan Gucci, and his inspiration to create it came from the city of London and the English nobility. In this chain, the links have a round hole on each side with a bar in the center, and each link is connected to the link on each side.



Military Chain

It is a chain composed of many small beads joined together to create a chain. They are usually very close to each other and have a small space between them to allow for some movement. Its use is very common in the chains worn by military personnel.

Anchor or Sailor Chain

This chain is named this way because it resembles nautical elements, its shape is similar to the chains of anchors on ships. Its links are oval-shaped and intertwined.

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